Comics, Short Stories, and more!

  • Facebeast (comic) - This was my first stab at making an indie comic. I noticed that there weren't enough superheroes with beards, so I created one for the bearded community. His main power is his shape-shifting beard that he uses to fight crime. I write the comic, and my girlfriend Kate Carleton illustrates it. 
    • FACEBEAST #1 (FREE DOWNLOAD) - Kate and I have started releasing old issues of our comics for free once the go out of print. So click on the link above to get a free copy of Facebeast #1.
  • I Was Dead. Officially. - A short story about life, death, and zombies.
  • Dennis (short story) - A short story about a guy who is a former reality show star that has to live his life in the aftermath of being humiliated on national TV.

... more to come soon!goo.gl/vxiztq

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